Our members


Position: Top Tenor (Chairman for 11 years in 2024)

What year did you start in the choir: 2010

Why did you join the choir:My wife Sandra encouraged me when CMVC did a fundraising event at ASDA  Brian Pope Snr convinced me to join, and I have never forgiven him LOL. Garfield Miles convinced me to become a chairman after 2 years . i have never forgiven him either, LOL

Following lots of working away, I wanted to do something instead of sitting in front of the tv. It’s a great way to have fun and give something back.

Favourite pieces: Song or Hymn:

Rhythm of Life / Deus salutis / Ty Dy Y roddaist / Ar lan y mor / O holy night

Favourite Sweets:

Jakemans, and before you dare ask I dont share!

Favourite Films:

Action not the soppy stuff.

Favourite Female Singers:

Marie Fredrickson / Donna Summer / Sia / Judy Covington

Favourite Male Singers:

Tom Chaplin / Boz Scags / Matt Monroe / Tom Jones / The Satchmo

What gets your goat?

Fed up of watching Barnyard with my grandsons.

I now know every word of that pesky film.

Why dont they like Scooby Doo. Bring back wacky races.!

What does the choir mean to you?

It’s not just a choir. It’s a family for those who want to fit in.

We all support and look after each other at personally difficult times.

The support for good causes goes without question. It is an amazing place to be and very humbling at times.

Other interests and hobbies we can list: Reading nonfiction including technology and quantum, etc. Walking, writing, nature, and, of course, my grandchildren.

Favourite events:


A week after we sang at the coronation of King Charles, we did a charity concert at Portis head. When we sang, a German gentleman who worked as a teacher in Wales for most of his life, now retired for many years  and sang with us. He was in a wheelchair. His daughter and wife had brought him as he had dementia. He hadn’t done anything for three months, and when he heard the Welsh Hymns, he just joined in and struggled to stand when we sang the Welsh National anthem.

To give them their dad back for just a few hours was the most emotional thing I have ever seen since my joining. Seeing the joy in his family was the best thing ever. Plus, Johny Askins spoke German, and he was communicating in Fluent German, which had laid dormant within him. What a moment!

Undisclosed venue:

Singing alongside my sister from another mother. Nerys Porch, our MD.