In Loving Memory of Garfield

Garfield joined the Caerphilly Male Voice Choir in 1960. He was one of our most senior choristors. Garfield is seen bottom right on the photo below.

Some months before his passing Garfield sent in a letter to inform the Secretary that he would no longer be attending choir and to thank the choir for everything it had given him over the years. We felt it was us that should be thanking him and this was our reply,

Garfield: The trooper.

When we arrived at practice, and to our deep dismay.

Our Secretary informed us, Garfield’s not in Choir today.

We are all going to miss you, but we all understand.

This is no normal Chorister, this is no normal man.


As this man is a trooper, a trooper to the last.

You started many years ago, you're written in our past.

You are also in our future, with your help and support.

Thanks from all our choristers some of whom you taught. ………….

Out of all our treasured memories, there’s one especially.

The whistle of your hearing aid, which kept us out of key.

With shouts of turn the volume down, the choristers would moan.

I’m supposed to be a Base like you, not a Baritone. ……………

The discipline you've showed us, consistent to our cause.

If thanks are to be handed out, the thanks are ours not yours.

So here's a massive thank you, off all of us to say.

Were really going to miss, your kind and loving way.


You've given us your best; you've given us your time.

Now you can hang your jacket up, knowing you did just fine.

From now until the end of time, you're in our choir's soul.

We appreciate everything you’ve done, to accomplishing our goal.

Love from all your friends at Caerphilly Male Voice Choir!

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